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Team work helps community garden grow

Lions community garden
The Lions Club of Bundaberg Hinkler Inc have thanks local businesses for supporting their community garden efforts.

Residents with a passion for plants or those just wanting to learn more about gardening are being invited to take part in a community garden initiative by Hinkler Lions.

Established a few years ago by the Lions Club of Bundaberg Hinkler Inc. Secretary John Seymour said the garden was blossoming.

John said the organisation was always on the hunt for more volunteers to assist with the working bees and keeping up general maintenance of the space.

He said the garden, situated next to The Spotted Dog, provided a happy space for the whole community to visit, grow and take from when it suited them best.

“This is an area where people can garden, grow herbs and produce and pick and take home what they like,” he said.

“We often have many elderly residents visiting as well as school children who use the space to learn more about gardening.

“For those who just want a spot to relax, there is a lovely seat just under a tree that you can sit and watch the world go by.”

Lions community garden
Many hands make light work at the community garden.

John said the community garden's success had grown through assistance from local businesses as well as the locals who chipped in to volunteer their time.

“Our club maintains the garden and every few months, before the next season begins, we have a working bee to make sure everything is in top condition,” he said.

“The local Bunnings has always been very supportive of this and donates vouchers so that we can buy new seeds, potting mix and manure.”

John said the community garden provided many benefits to locals.

“The Spotted Dog allow us to utilise the land and Bunnings has been fantastic in supporting us through vouchers,” he said.

“This allows us to keep up the maintenance of the garden so it can be enjoyed all year round.

“In turn, the garden provides many benefits to its visitors such as being a space for the community to become involved in different things, like gardening, which is very therapeutic.

Lions community garden
It's a team effort to keep the community garden maintained.

“Schools have also visited the garden to learn more about different plants – it is an inspirational area.”

The community garden is located on Gavin Street, Bundaberg North.

Find out more about how you can get involved here.

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