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Faye releases memoir Dancing with Shadows

Faye Perry
Faye Perry said Dancing with Shadows would leave the reader entertained, moved and inspired.

Bargara resident Faye Perry has penned a collection of heart-warming stories in her first memoir Dancing with Shadows.

Dancing with Shadows shares stories of adventure and travel, relationships and joy, pain and triumph of 20 individuals.

Faye said the memoirs would leave the reader entertained, moved and inspired, featuring stories of local identities, including Felise Kaufusi and Suellen Cusack-Greensill, along with other inspirational individuals from around Australia.

“Written with tenderness and warmth, Dancing with Shadows is a melting pot of intimate and inspiring personal narratives of 20 diverse people,” Faye said.

“Reading the stories is like looking through a window into their lives, hearts and characters, to reveal their experiences of life lived.”

Faye's interest in people sparks Dancing with Shadows

With a career as a clinical psychotherapist, Faye has always been interested in people’s stories and after retiring writing them came with ease.

“In writing the stories, I felt like Anh Do, drawing people out through my interviews, and painting their story with words,” she said.

“The stories have become like my adopted children – I love them all and through them have vicariously sampled their lives. I learned something from every story.”

Faye Perry
Bargara resident Faye Perry has penned a collection of heart-warming stories in her first memoir Dancing with Shadows.

Faye said for Dancing with Shadows she chose people who had an interesting story, or they had overcome difficulties through their life.

Inspired to start writing after a visit from a friend, Faye said she wanted a mix of life experiences and locations.

“I was a clinical psychotherapist and therefore have a good understanding of human nature,” she said.

“I am formerly from the Adelaide Hills, and now enjoy the sunny beach environment of Bargara. I have always had an interest in writing stories. 

“I left work in 2020, just as Covid hit.

“A friend who had been adopted visited after her adoptive mother died. She told me her story, which was a story of difficulty, growth and transformation.

“That afternoon, my husband and I were on the tilt train to Cairns. Due to Covid restrictions, we had to sit on opposite sides of the carriage.

“During those hours of travel, I penned my friend’s story. Even though I didn’t use that narrative in the book, it started me on the journey of writing Dancing with Shadows.”

The official launch of Dancing with Shadows will take place at The Beach Mill, 2 Fred Courtice Avenue at Nielson Park, Bargara, on Saturday 7 May at 8.30 am.

Dancing with Shadows is also available on Amazon, or by emailing Faye at to purchase a copy.