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Author Kirsty Everett to inspire community

author kirsty everett
Kirsty Everett is speaking at her upcoming author talk at Bundaberg Regional Library.

If battling childhood cancer taught author Kirsty Everett one thing, it was that she could overcome any challenges under seemingly impossible circumstances.

The author, who started writing her novel Honey Blood as a teenager in case she died, has told her story in a raw and inspiring way which allows people to relate to her.

The community is invited to hear Kirsty's inspiration story when she speaks at an author talk at Bundaberg Regional Library on Wednesday 18 May.

Not one to want people to feel sorry for her, Kirsty is telling her story in a way that opens readers' eyes to the things she learnt, and what she now appreciates more since winning her battle.

“Honey Blood was a book I began to write as a teenager, one I wrote in case I died,” Kirsty said.

“The fact that I’ve now written it to educate people about the realities of living through cancer as a child and teenager is pure magic.

“The event, despite my book containing cancer stories, is an event for everyone and talks about the precious, complex and gorgeous nature of love, family and friendship.”

The book provided Kirsty an opportunity to share firsthand her cancer journey, feeling privileged to be able to be here to share her story.

“I am honoured that I can share authentic stories on behalf of my friends who didn’t get to survive,” she said.

“It is a book about my unconventional childhood and how cancer was really a huge inconvenience as I tried to do all the things that young people do.

“I promise there’ll be no gloom and doom though, that is not my style.”

Kirsty said the opportunity to visit Bundaberg and present is a chance she took with both hands, having never been to the region before.

“When I was invited to speak at the Bundaberg Library, it was very exciting, as being invited to do an author talk is such an enormous privilege,” she said.

“I’m so excited to attend the event and very grateful that Dymocks will be helping out to sell copies of Honey Blood, with proceeds from every book sale to go to cancer research.”

Kirsty said she would love to see as many people as possible at the event,

“I’ve always been quick to smile and laugh and would love for people to join me at this event,” she said.

“I’ve got plenty more stories not inside my book that I’d love to share.”

You can book your place at the upcoming event here.

Blood cancer is the most commonly diagnosed childhood cancer in youth between 0 -14 years.

You can find out more about the Leukemia Foundation here.

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