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Miss Marley looking for a family to love

Bundaberg RSPCA Marley
Waiting at Bundaberg RSPCA Marley is known to be very loving and forms bonds with new people very quickly.

Waiting at Bundaberg RSPCA for her forever family, Marley is a loving greyhound and bull terrier mix who is known to form bonds with new people very quickly.

Marley is deaf so her sense of smell works overtime to make up for her lack of hearing.

She is a dream to walk on a harness and lead.

“Because of her hearing impairment, she probably shouldn't be let off in any area that is not secured but she has such great leash manners that this shouldn't be a problem,” Bundaberg RSPCA staff said.

“Passing people, cars, other dogs and even horses doesn't seem to faze her.

“She would be capable of going to a coffee shop or similar to sit and people watch with you.”

Marley loves water so much that if it is anywhere to be found, you can bet she'll be in it.

“She likes to dig in the water so be prepared for a bit of a mess – all in good, innocent fun, of course,” staff said.

“Good in the car, clean in the house, not looking to escape from reasonably secure fencing – what more could you ask for!”

Bundaberg RSPCA staff said Marley's potential owners didn't need to have had experience with deaf dogs, but needed to be willing to learn.

“She needs to work on maintaining good eye contact before she can start to learn more hand signals for training,” they said.

“Due to her rough start in life, she's a little behind in her ‘training age' and new owners should consider her a little like a puppy in that regard.

“Set her up to succeed by puppy-proofing her surrounds and committing to regular and patient training when each new situation or difficulty arises.

Marley’s adoption price from Bundaberg RSPCA is $350 and includes desexing, vaccinations, worming and flea treatments, and a health check.

To find out more about Marley click here.

About Bundaberg RSPCA

RSPCA Bundaberg helps over 750 animals find new families every year, giving second chances to animals in need.

In addition to adoptions, they offer a range of services for your furry friends including hydro bathing and boarding facilities.

All proceeds from our hydro bath and boarding services go back to the RSPCA to help local Bundaberg animals in need.

Located at 31 Doblo Street, they are open 10 am – 5 pm Wednesday to Saturday and 10 am – 2 pm on Sunday.

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