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Got you covered: The way it is now book review

Title: The Way it is Now

Author: Garry Disher

Publisher: Text Publishing

Publication date: 2021

Genre: Crime/Mystery

Reviewer: Jill Fulcher

the way it is now
Jill Fulcher reviews The Way it is Now by Garry Disher.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Garry Disher’s previous novels, and this didn’t disappoint.

This is a great mystery set in country Victoria.

It follows Detective Charlie Deravin while he is currently on suspension from his job for hitting his commanding officer.

With his father being in the police force, Charlie has been surrounded by cops all his life.

While in the old family home at a beachside town, cycling, surfing, and relaxing Charlie investigates his mother’s disappearance from 20 years ago.

His father has always been the prime suspect, but Charlie refuses to believe it.

Charlie’s mother’s body and another is found.

New younger police and two journalists are prodding around trying to find evidence, with most people believing it was Charlie’s father.

Charlie believes his mother’s lodger was the murderer and tries to find evidence.

This is hindered as he is on suspension and has no access to files.

The book introduces many interesting characters and false leads to keep you guessing as to who ‘dunnit’.

It also touches on the horrible bushfires and the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

I was a little disappointed with the abrupt ending.

The only thing I can hope is that Disher will decide to use Charlie in another book and begin a series.

Absolutely loved and would recommend it for readers who enjoy Chris Hammer.

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