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LUXE AB&C created from a passion to progress career

Theresa Banks and Rose Florin at LUXE Aesthetic Beauty and Cosmetics

Opening her new business Luxe AB&C in Burnett Heads was a major career move for local woman Theresa Banks, who said she had utilised her skills gained from a nursing degree to further grow her passion for the beauty industry.

Theresa officially opened her beauty salon shopfront about six months ago, offering a range of services including brow and lash tints, waxing, microblading, eyeliner and lip tattooing, scalp micro pigmentation, scar camouflage and more.

“My business is focused to help men and women boost their confidence and to feel like they can simply say ‘I woke up like this',” she said.

The road to becoming a business owner hasn't been without its challenges, according to Theresa, who said she decided to change careers after not being able to put into practice her nursing degree within Australia.

“I migrated from the Phillipines in 2014 with a degree of nursing yet I could not apply my overseas studies here so I worked in every possible field such as waitress, shop cleaner, hotel cleaner, aged carer and office administration assistant,” she said.

“It took six years for me to figure out what my passion was until one day I met a friend who had tattooed brows and eyeliner on.

“I wanted that so bad that I decided to learn to do my own brows as I couldn't afford to get it done professionally.”

LUXE AB&C born from a passion for beauty

Theresa Banks at LUXE Aesthetic Beauty and Cosmetics

Theresa said when Covid hit, she lost her job and that's when she decided to really push her passion for beauty.

“I thought, I should do this as a job!” she said.

“I wanted to help people gain more confidence and feel more beautiful every time they woke up.

“I started my business from home and now I own a small shop located at shop 3/33 Zunker Street, Burnett Heads.”

Theresa said her nursing degree and the certifications she received from TAFE Bundaberg and Impact Community Services had gone a long way in making her dream career come true.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the agencies like Impact and Tafe Bundaberg for their patience and their help in gaining my credentials,” she said.

LUXE AB&C is open Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 4 pm.

You can find out more about LUXE Aesthetic Beauty and Cosmetics here.