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Australian String Quartet to spend time in Bundaberg

Australian String Quartet
The Bundaberg community will be in awe as the Australian String Quartet perform at the Holy Rosary Church later this month. Photo: Dale Barltrop (violin), Francesca Hiew (violin), Christopher Cartlidge (viola) and Michael Dahlenburg (cello).

The Bundaberg community will be treated to a special performance by the Australian String Quartet at the Holy Rosary Church later this month.

It will be the first time in more than a decade that the four-piece musical composition will delight the audience in the Bundaberg Region.

Australian String Quartet cellist Michael Dahlenburg said Australian String Quartet had been around for some 37 years, and the local visit would also include school visits and workshops.

“Touring is central to ASQ’s calendar and making connections with communities across every part of this amazing country is something that drives and inspires us,” Michael said.

“Our aim is to not just fly in and fly out, but to really make a meaningful contribution to the communities we visit, so we tend to think of our visits as more of a residency.

“Public concerts are part of our time in Bundaberg, but also touching base with school students and other members of the community through a variety of activities such as workshops, lessons and masterclasses is a way for us to find more meaningful and more impactful touch points with the population at large.”

The quartet are excited to be able to spend time in Bundaberg this year.

“We have wanted to spend time in the community for some years, so when the opportunity came up to play for and work with the community, we jumped at it,” Michael said.

“It’s a special experience playing in a string quartet, and for some it might be the first time they’ve ever seen it or hear of it!

“That’s the exciting thing about touring, getting to share the thing that is our passion with lots of different communities is a real privilege, one we can’t wait to share with Bundaberg!”

Australian String Quartet's connection to Bundaberg

Australian String Quartet violinist Dale Barltrop has a connection to the Bundaberg Region, making their visit even more exciting.

Michael said Dale studied with famed Brisbane violin teacher Elizabeth Morgan and it was during this time he became good friends with Bundaberg violin teacher and musician Kate Hardisty.

“Connections with communities across the nation are so vital and the personal connections really help us make the most positive impact with the time we have,” Michael said.

“Kate has been so kind and generous with her time, support and knowledge of the Bundaberg area, so our sincere thanks to Kate for helping make this time so full and rewarding!”

Michael said being part of a string quartet provided an opportunity to share a love for music with other like-minded people.

“There is almost a magic between the musicians, brought out by a combined purpose of exploring and conveying to the audience classical but also new music, and a pure joy for our amazing day job,” he said.

“There is no one boss, no conductor, decisions are communicated in concert by sound, physical gesture, and the occasional eyebrow.

“A great string quartet concert can be such an eye, and ear, opening experience, and I hope those that attend are inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of myself and my colleagues and it encourages them to seek out more of ASQ in the future!”

To find out more about Australian String Quartet click here or to book for the performance in the Holy Rosary Church on 21 June, click here.