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Regenerating Australia inspires a sustainable future

regenerating australia inspires
Regenerating Australia will be screening at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre this month.

A free mini documentary screening and discussion hosted by Bundaberg Regional Council is set to inspire residents to transition to a regenerative future and start conversations around sustainability.

Regenerating Australia, a 17-minute documentary, will be screened at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre to raise awareness within the community about actions that can benefit the region and the world.

The film is based on a four-month interview process with a group of Australians who shared their hopes and dreams for the country’s future, while looking back on the past decade.

Bundaberg Regional Council remains committed to a sustainable future, with the region actively working towards Eco Destination certification and recently being named in the top 100 sustainable destinations in the world.

Council’s Environment spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said the documentary covered thoughts and actions that were key to better understanding how individuals and communities could take steps towards regenerating the region.

“We live in a naturally beautiful part of the world and we are all responsible in helping to preserve our environment,” Cr Honor said.

“The Bundaberg Region is well known for its natural attractions, so in addition to the obvious environmental benefits, a focus on our environment can have economic benefits too.

“Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in global tourism.”

Cr Honor said an opportunity to take part in a free short film screening and discussion was a fantastic way for residents to extend their knowledge or even take their first foray into investigating a more sustainable lifestyle.

“It is hoped by viewing the documentary, it will accelerate the transition to a regenerative future which will challenge people to think about what they hope our country looks like in the future, and any actions they believe could positively impact our region.”

Screening at the Moncrieff on Thursday 16 June at 11am and Thursday 23 June at 6pm, everyone from children through to seniors are encouraged to attend one of the two sessions.

The film features high profile journalists, politicians, business leaders and citizens such as Kerry O'Brien, Sandra Sully, Gorgi Coghlan, Patrick Abboud, Larissa Behrendt and David Pocock.

You can watch the trailer here.

Information on the new documentary can be found here.

The film screening is being hosted by Bundaberg Regional Council and will be followed by discussion with a panel of guest speakers that will incorporate a Q&A session (20 minutes) regarding the film and provoke thoughts regarding regeneration throughout the region.

Council’s Sustainable Bundaberg 2030 strategy together with Council’s commitment to achieve Eco Destination Certification both have underpinning actions regarding sustainable management for the region.

This includes rethinking how the region uses energy, disposes of waste and improving soil health and wildlife habitat protection.

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  1. Sure, but here is a realistic sensible idea…..we get smart and start to fully exploit our thousand plus years of coal, gas, uranium reserves to generate 24/7 reliable cheap electricity to lower households cost of living and support the growth of medium/heavy industrial manufacturing with cheap reliable baseload electricity…..and the bonus is that it would make absolutely no difference at all to the temperature/climate of the planet of bushfires etc in Australia…..win win.

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