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4WD Club holds Camp Cooking Competition

camp cooking competition
Shelly Hansen presenting the winners trophy to Cathi & Noel Southern

The annual Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club ‘Camp Cooking Competition' weekend was held at the club's camping grounds on a private property on the banks of the Kolan River, about an hour North of Bundaberg.

The weather was perfect for sitting around an open fire. Campsites were decked out with the theme of the weekend being “Christmas in July”, with various challenges set to entertain throughout the weekend.

Building a snowman took on a whole new meaning when rolls of paper were involved.

What started as a “Camp Oven Cooking” competition back in 2001 has evolved into an any style of camp cooking.

Over the years meals have been cooked by various means.

Hay boxes, bell ovens, fry pans, caravan ovens, Webbers, Thermo cookers and the trusty Camp Oven have been used to serve up some quality meals, and some not so good and would be best forgotten, but that’s camp cooking for you.

camp cooking competition
Petrina Pashley & Brad Praed getting into the Christmas in July Spirit.

Rules for the competition were that the meal had to be prepared and cooked at the camp.

Our selection consisted of various dishes and choosing between Chicken Paella, Apricot Chicken & Fried Rice, Guinness Surprise, baked ham, gourmet spaghetti bolognese, Spanish paella, roast lamb and potatoes and garlic bread was not going to be easy.

For those that had any room in their stomachs left after the feast were treated to a selection of deserts.

Rum balls, plum pudding, and fruit mince trifle topped off a great culinary choice.

The variety on offer at our campsite would put some top-class restaurants to shame.

Members sampled all the outstanding meals and a secret ballet was taken.

Choosing a winner was a hard decision but the one voted to take the title this year was Noel & Cathi Southern’s “Authentic Indian Curry” (with handmade spices to really get the juices flowing).

camp cooking competition
The 4WD Club ready for a feast

For their efforts they will have their name adorn the perpetual trophy that has been handed down since the competition’s inception.

Not all weekend was spent around the fire feasting.

Tracks on the property were driven, and after the recent rains they have been washed out a bit, so low range driving was called for.

The property offers stunning views and with Lake Monduran at 100 per cent the water course could be seen from our vantage point atop a mountain.

Trips to these special, isolated, spots are one of the benefits of being a member of our club.

Not to mention the fun and varied activities we participate in.

Brad Praed
Bundaberg For Wheel Drive Club Inc

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