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Limited-edition gin to promote local NRL clash

Bulldogs Kalki Moon
Willie Mason, Rick Prosser (Kalki Moon) and Terry Lamb holding a limited edition bottle.

Kalki Moon has teamed up with the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs to produce a limited-edition bottle ahead of the round 21 clash in Bundaberg next month.

The pairing was somewhat of a serendipitous meeting for Kalki Moon’s Rick Prosser.

“I happened to be at a sportsman’s lunch for Across the Waves in Bundaberg, and was seated next to a new gentleman from the area,” he said.

That man happened to be one of the board members of the Bulldogs, Andrew Gifford.

“We struck up a conversation and we are now the official gin sponsor of the club,” Rick said.

“We are also in the process of making a limited-edition bottle ahead of the August 7 game.

“Just 1000 bottles of our finest gin will be available on our website, known as A Bottle for the Bulldogs.

“We love that this major club is supporting small businesses here in Bundaberg.

“It’s really great for our business and region to be hosting the Bulldogs for the next couple of years.”

Kalki Moon, Bulldogs team up to promote Bundaberg

Bulldogs CEO Aaron Warburton said the relationship was an extremely important one.

“We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Rick and his Bundaberg distillery, Kalki Moon,” he said.

“From the moment we first met with Rick, we spoke about the shared vision for highlighting Bundaberg’s diverse offerings.

“Whether you’re a local, a tourist, a business, or even someone wanting to relocate to Bundaberg, there is absolutely something for everyone here.”

Aaron said he was blown away with Kalki Moon’s operation and customer network across the country.

“Whether it’s Gin, Vodka or Rum, Kalki Moon is producing an amazing range of products,” he said.

“We’re delighted to be partnering on a limited-edition bottle of Gin, which we know won’t last long!”

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs will play the North Queensland Cowboys for NRL premiership points at Salter Oval on August 7.

Kalki Moon has also been a proud sponsor of Across the Waves A Grade Rugby since 2017.

Visit the website here.



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