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Friendship blossoms through love of croissants

Almond Croissant Club
The Almond Croissant Club has grown from two members to almost 160, with many catching each month at local businesses.

A group of more than 160 residents have found friendship and support through a shared love of croissants.

The Almond Croissant Club was established by Marie Parsons and Lina Kitchen six months ago and after the ample downtime produced by Covid restrictions, the women are set on making social interaction, with a delicious pastry in hand, their priority.

“The club simply started when I posted a photo of a croissant I bought at Seashells Coffee Bar on Bargara Facebookers,” Marie said.

“A lovely lady, Lina Kitchen, saw my post and suggested we get together for a croissant and coffee.

“We did and ended up chatting for around two to three hours.

“Lina suggested we should start a club so we did and it has now grown to 160 members.”

Almond Croissant Club
Almond Croissant Club founders Marie Parsons and Lina Kitchen.

The Almond Croissant Club is for women who are either new to the area or simply looking to meet people.

“We want to create a positive vibe,” Marie said.

“Ladies get to make new friends, be social, have a laugh and enjoy each other’s company.”

Having now outgrown their regular meeting spot at Seashells Coffee Bar, club members have moved their catch ups to other businesses, spending money locally wherever they go.

“At the moment we meet once a month at Turtle Paradise Café, and our most recent meeting saw 31 members involved,” Marie said.

“We spend money at the café we hold the meeting at and, we are currently working on other events like mystery bus tours.”

Marie said new club members were always welcome.

“Join The Almond Croissant Club page on Facebook, that’s where we post upcoming meetings,” she said.

“There are no requirements except to have a good time!”

Find out more on the Facebook page here.

Almond Croissant Club
Three Almond Croissant Club members enjoying their day.

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