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Silver by Diamond expands in new location

Silver by Diamond which has opened in North Bundaberg.

An old seafood shop in North Bundaberg has proven to be a diamond in the rough, with clothing store Silver by Diamond transforming the space into a beautiful boutique.

After months of renovations, Silver by Diamond owner Cheynee Wedrat has relocated to the space on Queen Street and is now stocking a wider range of clothing as well as looking forward to the opportunity to hire her space out for events.

Cheynee started Silver by Diamond 17 years ago and has constantly evolved her business.

“I started the brand 17 years ago and it started with jewellery first and expanded into clothing as I have always made my own clothes,” she said.

“As this is my own label I design everything, and then I have 15 tailors that sew everything which is all made from linen and cotton as they are fabrics that breathe.

“A lot of women who live on the land buy our product, so they need things that breathe.

“I also design them to be classic feminine styles that do not really date, so they can be worn for years and years.”

After years in Bourbong Street, Cheynee said the business had outgrown the space and so the hunt began to expand to a new store.

“We had a shop in the main street, but we were not ground floor and while we had a great space we had just outgrown it and we needed more room,” she said.

“We also really needed a store on the ground as we do attend a lot of events and move stock from the store to events, so this space is perfect as we have access from the back of the store also.

“When I saw the space, I knew we could create what we wanted.”

The new store has provided the opportunity for Cheynee to expand her range, while also stocking another local brand called The Candle Café.

“We have a lot more stock than what we had in our old store and we are also able to display the clothes far better,” she said.

“We can have the clothing more spaced out and we also now stock The candle Café which is another local business run by Dael Ryan.”

Cheynee said the opportunity to use the space for events was part of her plans, having had this in mind when designing the space and undertaking renovations.

“We are looking at hiring the space out as we have designed it so it can be used for events,” she said.

“We have made it so that everything just pulls up into the roof or is on wheels so we could clear room if someone wanted to hire the space.

silver by diamond
Silver by Diamond stock a range of linen and cotton clothing.

The shop Silver by Diamond is open at 3 Queen Street, North Bundaberg.

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