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How to: find a dog off leash area

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There are a number of dog off-leash areas within the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg Regional Council provides four dedicated enclosed off-leash parks and one off-leash beach area where owners can exercise their dogs.

These include:

  • Edina Street Park, North Bundaberg
  • Northern end of Fred Courtice Avenue, Bargara at Neilson Park
  • Daph Geddes Park, East Bundaberg
  • Mary Kinross Park, southern end of Bargara
  • Parts of the foreshore at Woodgate

You can find out more about the locations on Council’s website here along with which beaches dogs are allowed on here.



  1. Too many dog owners ignore the signage, which is very clear, and let their dogs run free along the Esplanade and the beaches.
    They are not in control of their animals, and think that they don’t need to pick up after them. Some are openly abusive when politely reminded of their responsibility, others pretend they can’t see the signage.
    Not all dogs enjoy another dog’s company and I’ve seen a few needing to be separated. Kids are also in danger.

  2. Crofty obviously not a dog person but there is a lot of irresponsible people making it hard for the rest of owners who do the right thing but they will always be tarred with the same brush here in Bundaberg. When will the Council realise there is not enough open area’s for Dog owners therefore Kettled into area’s that cause problems. Other Councils seem to manage it better but there will always be problems with uneducated owners and the anti dogging brigade.

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