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Trevor’s career stems from youth orchestra

Trevor Beyer Bundaberg Youth Orchestra
Trevor Beyer was one of the Bundaberg Youth Orchestra past members who returned to the Bundaberg Region to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Trevor Beyer remembers the precise moment his life was set on a path to play trombone in international musicals including the Lion King, Mary Poppins and Frozen.

Trevor was one of the Bundaberg Youth Orchestra's past members who returned to the Bundaberg Region to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

It was 35 years ago at Walkervale State School when Trevor picked up a trombone mouthpiece for the first time as he went head-to-head with other students to audition for the musical instrument.

“I won’t forget the moment when I beat my cousin, we were in a room at Walkervale primary and we had to see who could buzz a mouthpiece and make a sound the best,” he recalls.

“It was an audition process to see who would go on and play the trombone, I could do it straight up and from there, everything just went smoothly.

“I always had good teachers that gave me the best opportunity, and I was at the right place at the right time.”

Trevor said one of these moments was when he first joined Bundaberg Youth Orchestra.

“Someone had just left the trombone position, so I had a good opportunity straight away,” he said.

“I have been very lucky to have a good environment and great teachers, to mix with world-class teachers and other students all in Bundaberg.

“When I left Bundaberg Youth Orchestra and went to university, I went straight to principal trombone for the Queensland Youth Orchestra. My time with the group had set me up pretty well.”

At the weekend, Trevor reunited with past members of Bundaberg Youth Orchestra to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

“I was able to play again with my old teacher and mentor Robert Rotar,” Trevor said.

“It was good to see so many accomplished musicians from all around the country return for the 50th anniversary.”

Bundaberg Youth Orchestra
At the weekend past members of Bundaberg Youth Orchestra reunited to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

During his 35-year history of trombone, Trevor has had the opportunity to play backing for artists including Jerry Lewis, Shirley Bassey and James Morrison.

He has also played in performances such as Disney’s Frozen, Aladdin and The Lion King and he will soon perform for the international stage production of Mary Poppins for the second time.

As a fulltime music teacher, Trevor was delighted to share his hometown experience with 90 of his students as they visited the Bundaberg Region last year.

“Instead of our normal trip overseas we brought our school up here to tour,” Trevor said.

“I returned to Walkervale primary with the students to encourage the young kids and show them the possibility of what picking up an instrument may lead to.

“We wanted to inspire the next generation.

“When I first picked up an instrument, I didn’t think I would make a career of it, and it was for the enjoyment only.

“By the time I was in Year 11 or 12 I had made the decision it was what I wanted to do.

“Not only do I teach music fulltime, but it is what I do in my free time also.”