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Native bee workshop will be a buzz

native bee workshop
Experienced beekeeper Ian Driver will be guest speaker at Bundaberg's native bee workshop that will be held in November.

Whether you’re a bee enthusiast or you have a curiosity for native beekeeping there’s an upcoming workshop to find out what all the buzz is about.

Hosted by Wide Bay Branch of the Australian Native Bee Association (ANBA) the native bee workshop will share information on solitary bees and how to keep stingless native bees.

Australian Native Bee Association Wide Bay Branch secretary Stephen Curran said Australia had more than 1650 native bee species, which all played a critical part in the environment and its ecosystems.

“The workshop is targeted at people who are thinking of getting a stingless beehive or already have one but want to find out more about caring for their stingless beehive,” he said.

“It will also target people who have an interest in our solitary bees as well.

“Attendees will learn about our native stingless bees and their hives and which species are found in this locality.

“They will also learn about our solitary native bees and how to attract them to their garden as well as how to build a native solitary bee hotel for the bees or what to look for if buying one.

“Attendees will also learn what plants attract native bees.”

Experience beekeeper guest speaker

Stephen said the workshop would have experienced beekeeper Ian Driver as a guest speaker.

“Ian Driver is a Brisbane based Australian Native beekeeper and owner of A Green Soul Native Bees,” Stephen said.

“Ian started his bee journey a number of years ago whilst turning his family life green, keen to make less of an impact on the planet and eat more home grown fresh food.

“But to grow food you need bees to pollinate, and so a native beehive was bought for the garden and the obsession started.”

Stephen said stingless native bees lived in a hive and could produce up to 1 kg of honey a year, and in a correctly built hive box the honey could be easily and safely collected with no harm to the bees.

He said the level of beekeeping knowledge each attendee had didn’t matter as there would be something for all levels at the native bee workshop.

“They will see inside a stingless beehive and taste the amazing honey,” he said.

“Attendees will learn about options for keeping native stingless bees in their gardens or even on decks or patios.

“Heaps of cool information about our amazing Australian native bees.”

The native bee workshop will be held on 26 November at 1 pm.

Registration is required by phoning the Australian Native Bee Association on 0488 526 690.