LifestyleTrailer towing course teaches vital skills

Trailer towing course teaches vital skills

Trailer towing course
Jan Van Wyk and trainer Tony Collins discuss trailer techniques while Toni See goes over the check list.

Members of the Bundaberg 4WD Club have recently attended a Towing Awareness course, run by the 4WDQLD Training Club, to touch up on, or learn new skills relating to the art of towing.

Areas covered were the legal requirements of towing, including weights, couplings, braking systems, trailer inspections, trailer loading (which included discussion about swaying, how to avoid and what to do if it happens), hitching and unhitching and a bit of practical driving learning how to adjust brakes and check the stability of the van at various speeds.

The all-important reversing skills were also tested, and ideas on how to get that van into a tight spot easily, before the inevitable argument with the other half happens, were tried.

Reversing is a skill to master, and practice is the key.

Also, having a spotter that can communicate directions easily makes a world of difference.

The club ventures to many spots towing trailers, and the information gained will be put into practice quite regularly.

The Barge Captain heading to K’Gari is one person who will be first to see if members have taken note of the training, with our annual trip to the island coming up soon.

Trailer towing course
Members being schooled up by trainer Tony collins.

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Brad Praed
Bundaberg 4WD Club Inc