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Local fishing store tackles recycling

tackle world bundaberg
Tackle World Bundaberg now has a Rig Recycle box.

Tackle World Bundaberg is doing its part for the environment by providing a place for the community to recycle old or broken fishing gear.

Rig Recycle is a program developed to reuse, repair and recycle recreational fishing gear and packaging, helping to divert from landfill and reducing marine debris.

Products including hooks, sinkers, swivels, hard plastic lures, plastic floats, hard clear plastic tackle packaging, monofilament fishing line (not braid), plastic fishing line spools, handline spools can all be recycled through the program.

Tackle World Bundaberg now has a Rig Recycle station at the shop on Quay Street, encouraging locals to bring in their gear and place it in the bin provided.

The new recycling avenue is being brought into focus as part of National Recycling Week held from 7 to 13 November 2022.

Tackle World recycling initiative inspired by ReefClean

Tackle World Bundaberg Director Lenore Hanks said the idea to take part in the recycling initiative came about when the team attended a recent fishing show.

“We attended the AFTA (Australian Fishing Trade Association) Show in August this year on the Gold Coast and the ReefClean team had a site at the show with a Rig Recycle Bin,” she said.

“Of course, we were keen to host a Rig Recycle bin in our store to reduce the flow of rubbish pouring into our environment.”

Lenore said she was very conscious of the impact plastics had on the environment, encouraging the community to also think about their actions.

“I’m conscious of the devastating effects plastic and other debris can make in our waterways,” she said.

“If our rubbish is not disposed of thoughtfully, it can be blown or washed into rivers and oceans and end up hundreds of kilometres away, polluting coastlines and becoming a problem to ecosystems and wildlife.

“We need to be conscious of our actions so future generations can enjoy this beautiful planet.”

The items placed into the bin will be sorted to be reused, repaired or recycled.

“The repaired items are given a second life in tackle boxes which are donated to charity groups for less fortunate anglers to enjoy,” she said.

“All hard plastic is diverted to a recycling facility which turns the items into new products which are made to last several lifecycles.

“By getting involved in our Rig Recycle Program, you’re showing your support for reducing the amount of fishing litter getting into our waterways and out of landfill.

“We need to lead by example and together we can all make a difference!”

The program started as part of the ReefClean program, delivered by Tangaroa Blue and funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.

Find out more about the program which is enabling Tackle World recycling here.

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