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Booming success as new pickleball courts open

new pickleball courts
After the booming success and popularity of the one pickleball court at Drinan Park, Tennis Bundaberg has added four new permanent courts.

The region is now home to one of the largest pickleball complexes in Queensland as Tennis Bundaberg gets set to open its new courts.

Tennis Bundaberg committee member Barry Franklin said after the booming success and popularity of the one pickleball court at Drinan Park, the committee had added four new permanent courts.

Barry said it was only three years ago when Tennis Bundaberg implemented its first pickleball court, and this expansion would allow the club to offer more availability to the fast-growing sport.

“The new courts will be the only one of this style in Queensland – it’s an arena type,” he said.

“We’ve built it from scratch and converted the clay courts to hard courts.

“A lot of other venues share their pickleball courts with tennis, whereas we have permanent courts so there’s no need put the nets up and down, and we have permanent line markings.

“The community is embracing it here in Bundaberg and I think this helps because we have stand-alone courts.

“We really are spoiled here.”

pickleball bundaberg
Australian pickleball player Brendan Lee showed the Bundaberg community some of his tips, when he visited the region for a pickleball rematch against NSW Men's Open winner Nick Cooper in 2022.

Barry said pickleball was similar to tennis but with a twist and it catered for all ages and abilities.

“Pickleball brings together elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis to create a sport that’s fun for all ages and skill levels,” Barry said.

“This sport is exploding here – we’ve doubled our membership already and I think it will soon triple for sure.

“It’s proving to not only be popular with youngest members of the Bundaberg community but has demonstrated an interest in ages all the way through to seniors.

“If you think your tennis playing days are over – pickleball is for you! If you’re young and want to try something new – this is for you!”

Barry said Tennis Bundaberg had been fortunate enough to successfully acquire a Queensland Government Grant to add the four extra pickleball courts to the existing premises.

Community members are invited to the grand opening of the new pickleball complex, at Tennis Bundaberg, Drinan Park, on Saturday 21 January at 3 pm.