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Mum and daughter host Makerspace workshops

Melissa and Brandy Bayntun gin gin
Melissa and Brandy Bayntun invite the community to take part in one of their makerspace workshops at Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre this month. Photo: Mel Bayntun getting ready for her workshop Myself and a Shoebox.

Gin Gin mother-and-daughter duo Melissa and Brandy Bayntun invite the community to take part in one of their Makerspace workshops this month.

The event is part of the Gin Gin Neighbourhood's Makerspace Series which focuses on bringing the community together to create and make.

It’s the first time either woman will host a workshop and both are excited about sharing their passions with the local community.

With more than two decades as a paramedic under her belt Melissa understands the importance of selfcare, and her workshop Myself and a Shoebox revolves around this.

“My workshop comes from my passion of mental health and the individual,” she said.

“I am a paramedic of 22 years and still going, within the service we have a priority one program, which is about the selfcare and support of officers.

“It’s my first time hosting a workshop, but my whole life I have been about community and connecting.

“Sewing masks, bags, fundraising or just giving my time when needed. Without community there is no connection which creates sadness and loneliness.”

Melissa said the workshop was a great activity for people to show their true self along with how they though people perceived them.

“When I started being a peer support officer in the recruitment course we did an exercise with shoe boxes,” she said.

“We had to decorate the inside of the shoe box to symbolise the inside of us, our passions, thoughts and things that we hold dear.

“Then on the outside of the shoe box we decorated with the things that we interpreted how people saw us.

“It’s all about the individual, there is no pressure to share.

“It’s about creating a safe space to connect with others and try and make sense of why we think the way we do.”

Brandy said her workshop combined two of her favourite past times, art and gardening.

“I find them both to be creative outlets to spend quality time with either myself or friends and family,” Brandy said.

“Art is an activity you can do with someone without out the pressure of conversation or being judged.

“You get to be in each other’s presence, be yourself and let whatever you’re feeling, or thinking, flow through to your fingertips.”

Brandy will guide the workshop participants through decorating a terracotta pot to make their own.

“Gardening brings a sense of community, accomplishment and excitement,” she said.

“You plant a little seed in some dirt, water it and give it sunlight and in return it produces something beautiful – a fruit, vegetable or flower.

“It always feels so rewarding, using a pant you grew, in your cooking, sharing with the community or simply admiring.

“I hope the people who attend leave with this same freeing and rewarding experience that I do.”

Both Makerspace workshops will be held at Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre.

  • Brandy’s create your own terracotta pot will be held Tuesday, 7 February at 2 pm, with a cost of $10 which includes a light morning tea, seeds, potting mix, paint and a terracotta pot.
  • Mel’s Myself and a Shoebox workshop will be held on 22 February at 9.30 am, at the Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre.

Bookings are essential, to RSPV to either workshop contact Gin Gin Neighbourhood Centre on 4130 4630.