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Karda hooks monster barra in the Burnett

Karda barramundi Burnett
Karda Berthelsen with his monster barramundi catch from the Burnett River recently.

Local fisherman Karda Berthelsen has hooked the catch of a lifetime in the Burnett River recently, reeling in a monster 136cm barramundi bigger than the nine year old himself.

Mum Angela said Karda was an avid fisho and enjoyed plenty of trips out to the deep sea and in local rivers, but this was one experience he wouldn't be forgetting anytime soon.

“He caught this barra in the Burnett River through the week, it measured at 136cm but we didn’t get to weigh it as it was on the boat and then released,” she said.

“It took him a good little fight to get it in the boat, around 20 minutes or more.

“We have had a look on Google and the longest Barra caught was 135cm but it was caught in fresh not salt.”

The gigantic fish is even longer than the world-record-breaking Lake Monduran monster that was caught in 2010.

Lake Monduran shot to international fishing fame when a 135cm barramundi was caught by Denis Harrold.

The fish was reeled in by Denis, who was on his kayak at the time, weighing 44.6 kg.

Karda barramundi Burnett
Karda Berthelsen with his monster barramundi catch from the Burnett River recently.

Karda has passion for fishing

Angela said as soon as Karda had his fish hooked, he knew something big was on the other end.

“Although he didn’t realise the size of it until it jumped, then there was a lot of excitement and nerves to get this beauty to the boat,” she said.

“This is the biggest fish he has caught in the river.

“He loves to go deep sea fishing as well and has caught some pretty good fish out there.”

Karda is so passionate about fishing he has even started his own blog called Chasing the Tides, which details all of his boating expeditions.

“Karda is a fishing fanatic,” Angela said.

“Chasing the Tides is a little page for Karda so he can share in his joy and excitement for fishing.”

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  1. Interesting story about Karda Berthelsen catching that massive barramundi in the Burnett River. However, the best part of the story was that they released this massive fish back into the river. Good on you for caring enough to set it free.

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