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$1.4M project gets greyhound racing on track

Bundaberg Greyhound Racing
New turf has been laid at the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing track as part of a $1.4 million refurbishment.

A $1.4 million project featuring new turf, a full renovation of track levels and cambers and the installation of a new judges’ and broadcast tower has just been completed at the Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club.

Racing Queensland reports the works included the installation of a new rail and lure system, new catching pen, new irrigation system, replacement of all fencing, new starts at 531m and 315m and the replacement of boxes, and the installation of new sectional timing system.

The new tower, which sits adjacent to the finishing line, now includes the lure driver, stewards, broadcaster, judge, photo-finish camera and broadcast camera.

The project completion comes as the return to racing is set to commence on February 20, with Bundaberg Wildcard heats to be held on March 6 before the $24,000 Wildcard Final on March 13.

Group 3 Bundaberg Cup heats will then be held on March 20 before the Cup Final on March 27, with $112,525 in prize money up for grabs.

Racing Queensland EGM Operations Adam Wallish said $75,000 would be on offer for the winner in 2023, with the feature receiving an uplift as part of the recent $9 million prize money increase into the greyhound code.

“It’s fantastic news to see an increase in prize money for greyhound racing in Bundaberg and is further proof of the rapid growth of the code across the Sunshine State,” Mr Wallish said.

“The new tower and track modifications are vitally important enhancements for the Club, prioritising animal care as part of the upgrades.

“We look forward to welcoming racing back to Bundaberg this month ahead of a big 2023 for the Club.”

Public trials on the new surface will be held in the lead up to the first meeting one week later.

The February 13 trial session will be open to local and travelling trainers.

Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club President Stephen Bland said the works and increased prize money would lead to a heightened interest in greyhound racing across the city.

“It will be the best looking track in Queensland on camera because it’s grass and it comes up fantastic on television…more trainers want to come here now,” Mr Bland said.

“It’s going to jump ahead in leaps and bounds and Racing Queensland has been right behind us.

“(The prize money increase for the Cup) is fantastic…it’s going to put Bundaberg on the map because it’s up there with the big ones now.

“Thanks to RQ management for backing us and having the faith in the club.”

Click here for more information on the club’s return to racing.




  1. With no definitive greyhound rescue group in the area and at least a six month wait for retiring greyhounds to get into the GAP programme , there are at least seven times more greyhounds bred than there will ever be homes for . Dogs that are not winning or fast enough and that are taking up space in racing kennels ate still being killed to pave the way for new , faster , younger greyhounds. This industry is rotten to the core and our government keeps pouring money into it to not because it’s popular to the general public to go to the track and watch greyhounds race but because of the revenue it creates for the government through gambling profits ( especially online gambling these days ) . There is little to no regards for animal welfare in regards to injuries or for funding sanctuaries for these dogs after their racing careers are over . Every time a greyhound steps out onto a race track it is risking its life . Yet they are the most resilient forgiving , gentle dogs you can imagine . They make wonderful companion dogs and pets . Still there will never be enough people to help rehabilitate and help them after racing . Private rescues are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming numbers of dogs being surrendered . The cost financially to clean up the mess of racing the industry is crippling them and the stress and emotional toll on volunteers is unbelievable because of the sheer numbers and feelings of hopelessness .
    Greyhound racing is NOT popular and recent surveys confirm that . But our government is greedy and although millions of dollars are being spent by government agencies to help with the social problems gambling addiction causes, they continue to turn a blind eye. When is Australia going to catch up with the rest of the world where greyhound racing is now banned , and be an example . Bundaberg Greyhound Club we are watching you .

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