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Say g’day and be a fantastic neighbour

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The Banos and Jarvis Families were voted Gin Gin's best neighbours for Neighbour Day 2022.

Good neighbours provide plenty of benefits, they can help in times of need, share a meal or collect the mail, so why not take the chance to say g’day this Neighbour Day?

On 26 March, Bundaberg Regional Council is encouraging the community to come together to say g’day to help build strong connections with their neighbours.

Last year as part of Council's Neighbour Day local families were recognised for their kindness and support of one another.

Being a good neighbour has never been hard for the Banos and Jarvis families of Gin Gin, who celebrated Neighbour Day together in 2022.

It was the perfect opportunity for Alisa Banos to tell her neighbours, the Jarvis family, how much she appreciated their friendship.

Alisa said she had formed a close bond with her neighbours throughout the years and they often caught up to share a meal and some laughs.

“The Jarvis family not only help with our property, they also do so much more for us like send a message anytime there is a storm to see if we are okay,” she said.

“During Covid, they would travel to Bundaberg to do a big grocery shop and always offer to pick up items we needed.”

She saw the annual Neighbour Day event on Facebook and said it took her no time to nominate her friends over the fence to show them her appreciation of them.

Neighbour Day Competition
Neighbour Day 2022: Candy Cairns with Kelly, Daniel and Maddison Garwood at the fence they modified to make life a little easier.

While in Bundaberg, last year, the Cairns and Garwood families took the opportunity through the Neighbour Day event to show each other they were grateful for the friendship they had formed.

Candy Cairns said with about a dozen children between them the neighbouring families supported each other beyond the fence line.

The two families enjoy each other’s company so much that they modified their joining fence so they could be in each other’s company constantly.

“We changed the fence halfway down to make a bar at first, this allows us to sit at the fence and socialise,” Candy said.

“Then, we were sick of walking all the way out the front and around the fence to each other, so we cut in a gate!”

This year Council is encouraging streets to take up the opportunity to say g’day to neighbours for the annual day by nominated as a champion to help organise a social event within their neighbourhood.

To take part in Neighbour Day, street champions are encouraged to nominate to receive a planning kit to help get their neighbours involved.

Neighbour Day street champions receive a planning kit with:

  • Helpful hints about planning the say g’day event
  • Invitations to fill in the blanks and drop off in their neighbour’s letterboxes
  • Survey to get feedback from the activity
  • Games pack

Nominations for street champions close 10 March 2023.

To nominate and for more information click here.