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Banos and Jarvis families are Gin Gin’s best neighbours

Gin Gin neighbours
The Banos and Jarvis Families were voted Gin Gin's best neighbours in a recent competition for Neighbour Day 2022.

The Banos and Jarvis families believe a solid support system is the key to a good community and the two families have built a strong relationship as neighbours based on their similar values.

As part of Bundaberg Regional Council's Neighbour Day Competition the local families have been recognised for their kindness and support of one another.

The annual competition encourages residents to nominate a neighbour or neighbourhood that they believe deserves recognition with the aim to encourage the community to actively build strong connections with the people around them. 

It was the perfect opportunity for Alisa Banos to tell her neighbours, the Jarvis family, how much she appreciated their friendship.

Alisa said five years ago she and her family moved to their Gin Gin property from the city and admitted it was an adjustment.

“Coming from the city, we didn't really know anything about owning a property in the country,” she said.

“The Jarvis family helped us so much and still do to this day.”

When Alisa saw Council's Neighbour Day Competition advertised on Facebook, she said it took no time at all to nominate the Jarvis family for being such wonderful neighbours.

“I saw the competition and thought, wow, what a great way to thank them for all they have done for us over the years,” she said.

“The Jarvis family not only help with our property, they also do so much more for us like send a message anytime there is a storm to see if we are okay.

“During Covid, they would travel to Bundaberg to do a big grocery shop and always offer to pick up items we needed.”

Alisa said she had formed a close bond with her neighbours over the years and to this day, they often caught up to share a meal and some laughs.

“We like to get together often and always have a great time,” she said.

“They are beautiful people.”

Living on a large rural property, Alisa said it was important to form a connection with those around you.

“When you live on big properties it is good to have people you can rely on to help you out,” she said.

“At the end of the day we all need each other and should all be looking out for one another.”

Gin Gin neighbours share friendship and respect

Jessica Jarvis said she felt honoured to have been nominated by her neighbours and the respect they had for one another was mutual.

“I was honoured when I heard we had been nominated and could not believe we won,” she said.

“I nominated the Banos family last year and was going to do it again this year, but I missed the deadline!

“The relationship between the Banos and us is a give and take, we pay attention to what is happening in each others lives. 

“Alisa cooks us delicious meals and has us over for dinner and when there are some home repairs or tools needed, we share resources and skills with each other.”

Jessica said it was a vital relationship when it came to living in a rural area.

“I think its important to know and appreciate your neighbours, you never know when you really might need them,” she said.

“Especially when you live in the bush, natural disasters happen quick and you might need to help.”

As part of their prize, the Gin Gin neighbours were each gifted with a barbecue pack to celebrate their win.

Find out more about Neighbour Day here.

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