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Reminder to be turtle aware all year round

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Turtle hatchlings on sand. Image: Ian MacAuslane & Bundaberg Tourism

As the turtle season comes to an end, Bundaberg Regional Council is reminding residents to continue to be turtle aware all year round.

As part of the Turtle Awareness campaign, Council has provided turtle awareness information throughout the season through the Turtle Awareness Hub.

The tips and information on the Turtle Awareness Hub remain relevant during the off-season with residents being encouraged to stay active in the turtle awareness space all year.

Ways to stay turtle aware in the off-season

Reduce, reuse and recycle

  • Reduce energy consumption by cleaning aircon filters twice yearly
  • Give household items a second life, check out Council’s recycling challenge
  • Use the handy Recycle Mate app to recycle right

Tread lightly at the beach

  • Don’t dig or play around the sand dunes
  • Always remember to remove your rubbish when you leave and dispose of it responsibly

Reduce urban glow

  • Use dimmers, motion sensors, or timers on outdoor lighting
  • Turn off unnecessary indoor lighting, particularly in empty buildings at night
  • Plant vegetation in your property to help reduce glow

Turtle awareness is a year-round job and there are many ways residents and visitors can get more involved.

Get involved in turtle friendly initiatives:

Learn more about looking being turtley aware by visiting the Mon Repos Turtle Centre or the Turtle Awareness Hub.

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