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Secret ninjas take over primary schools

Secret Ninja School's creator Keiran Deck has been visiting Bundaberg classrooms to get students moving.

Martial arts and dancing professionals from the Secret Ninja School have combined storytelling and movement to show local students how to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Over the past few days, Kalkie State School, Branyan Road State School and St Mary's Primary School Bundaberg have hosted the Secret Ninja School as part of a Queensland school tour, to encourage students to harness their in-built superpowers.

Creator and coach Keiran Deck said the norm in sport was often about excellence and winning but he was working to change that mindset.

“Not every kid can or wants to be the best, so often they give up and think of exercise as a chore to be endured,” he said.

“But we’re sharing these epic adventures in the Aussie bush where we test our bodies and give stuff a go and before they know it, the kids have core strength, can do planks and when a mate kicks a soccer ball to them in the playground, they have the ability and confidence to kick it back and make a new friend.”

Inspired by the confidence and love of movement he discovered as a child, Keiran first developed online lessons during Covid lockdowns to keep his students busy.

He quickly realised that his approach was having a greater impact than just physical wellbeing.

Now, more than 500 schools use Secret Ninja School's online movement program every week.

Kalkie State Primary School teacher Laura McCann said the program was bringing plenty of benefits to her students.

“I have a really diverse group of children,” she said.

“It’s the highlight of their day. They just love it.

“It’s the one time that brings them all together and it’s a shared passion for them.”

By squeezing their torsos and stretching limbs, jumping and rolling to cover distance, mastering inner core strength for balance and coordination and using breath to control feelings, children learn to love the feeling of getting stronger, all while imagining themselves on wild adventures.

“If you think about how good it feels after you exercise, how clear your mind is and how tolerant you feel towards others, it’s a no brainer that our society is better when people are active,” Keiran said.

Secret Ninja School's mission is to help young people develop a positive relationship and take this through into adulthood.

Aligning with Sporting Schools, a Federal Government program and Taekwondo Australia, the subscription program is available to all Australian Schools.

Find out more here.

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