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QFES plans for Bundaberg site

Five extra firefighters will be employed at Bundaberg
A future Bundaberg site for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services is on the cards with the state government allocating funding in the upcoming budget.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has plans to purchase a substantial land holding in Bundaberg, with funding to be allocated as part of the upcoming state budget.

With substantial population growth experienced across the state, major regional centres like Bundaberg are expected to be popular destinations for further growth in the future.

The funding in the state budget will allow Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to acquire land now, so that it has an appropriate site for the fire and emergency services infrastructure that the Bundaberg community will need in coming years.

The exact nature of the facilities that will be hosted on the future site will be determined based on what future growth in Bundaberg looks like.

Detailed consultation with the community and key stakeholders will also be undertaken as part of this process.

It is envisaged at this early stage that the site could be used to accommodate co-located emergency services capabilities such as the State Emergency Service and an additional Fire and Rescue Service facility for Bundaberg.

It is prudent for QFES to acquire this land so that the Bundaberg community is provided with the appropriate level of emergency response capability in future years.

Minister for Emergency Services Mark Ryan said Queensland’s population was surging on the back of our strong economic recovery from the pandemic.

“But a growing population also brings various challenges and it means that we must plan now for that future growth,” he said.

“It is eminently sensible then for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to look to the future and prepare for the future by acquiring a site in Bundaberg now that will provide an appropriate location for the expanded emergency response capabilities a growing Bundaberg region will need in the years ahead.”

Bundaberg MP Tom Smith said Bundaberg was a growing region, and it was important to plan for the future of that growth.

“This announcement is an important investment into our local Fire and Emergency Services, ensuring that we are meeting the demands of our community,” he said.

“Having held many discussions with our local firefighters and delegates of the UFUQ, I know just how welcomed this initial $2 million for land acquisition will be received.”

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Greg Leach welcomed the funding.

“It’s important that our fire and emergency services crews are positioned well to meet the demands for service from growing communities across the state,” he said.

“By ensuring we secure suitable locations for future facilities, the community can have trust in our response to local emergencies in the years ahead.”

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