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Rebecca Jenner’s dream comes true

Rebecca Jenner Commonwealth Youth Games
The opportunity to travel with the Commonwealth Youth Games team as an Australian Coach is a dream come true for Shalom College teacher Rebecca Jenner.

Shalom teacher and local athlete Rebecca Jenner is fulfilling a lifelong dream after she was selected as the Commonwealth Youth Games Australian triathlon coach.

Rebecca will travel to Trinidad and Tobago next month as the female coach to take the Australian Triathlon team to the Commonwealth Youth Games.

“I am elated to be chosen as the Australian coach,” she said.

“This is something I have dreamt of and (it) was very unexpected to get the call up for this role.”

The Commonwealth Youth Games is an international multi-sport event organised by the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Rebecca has been coaching triathlon at a national level for more than a decade, and also owns local business Next Jenneration Coaching, with many athletes under her guidance reaching the state and national team.

Throughout the past 12 years, Rebecca has coached juniors athletes, from 10 to 18 years of age, to become champions.

Rebecca said it was important to help the next generation of athletes to reach their full potential.

“They are the future of the sport, but I aim to instil good habits so that they continue to exercise through their whole life,” she said.

“So much can be learnt from sport, and it goes beyond the immediate goals they wish to achieve.

“It encompasses shaping young adults into resilient, responsible, disciplined and healthy human beings.”

Bundaberg youth with a desire to swim and run seek Rebecca’s guidance as she has the ability to help shape athletes from a beginner right through to an elite sports level.

“I try to nurture talent so they can compete at higher levels, but also nurture their mental health so coming to my coaching sessions can be a positive experience that they want to attend,” she said.

“Coaching the next generation is important to do well so athletes aren't injured or overworked too early that they have no longevity in the sport.” 

Rebecca’s passion for triathlon extends to not only coaching but also participating actively in the sport.

Next year she will also compete in the World Duathlon Championships.

“Being selected for the Australian Duathlon team has been a goal for many years,” Rebecca said.

“Covid meant that the world championships scheduled for 2021 was postponed until 2024.

“So, to finally reach my goal and be able to compete at these championships is exciting.” 

To be able to perform at this level requires a lot of time and dedication to the sport.

“I train most days of the year with the occasional rest day, including 9-12 sessions a week, depending on the week,” Rebecca said.

“I love that the sport has three disciplines which is something not everyone can do.

“Although it is an individual sport, it is such a team effort to be able to get to the start line fit and ready.

“This applies to my own training, but mainly the junior group I coach.

“They are an extended family – one that is supportive of each other and positive.”

Rebecca said she looked forward to mentoring the next generation of athletes at the Commonwealth Youth Games as the Australian triathlon coach and through her personal sporting career it was difficult to pinpoint one highlight.

“This is a hard one,” she said.

“I have enjoyed so many races over the years, but one highlight would be representing Australia in the Standard Distance Triathlon, back in 2018 and having my husband and son at the finish line.”