LifestyleDolphins captured frolicking at Nielson Park

Dolphins captured frolicking at Nielson Park

Dolphin Nielson Park
Stephen Page captured some drone shot of a dolphin and calf playing in waters off Nielson Park.

An adult dolphin and calf have been filmed frolicking in waters just off Nielson Park beach by local amateur photographer Stephen Page.

With crystal clear waters as the backdrop, Stephen said he was lucky enough to spot the duo from the shore before capturing their playfulness on his drone.

“I initially spotted them when they breached the water surface,” Stephen said.

“The dolphins were only 50 to 60 metres offshore.”

Captured from the Nielson Park Beach Surf Club, Stephen said the dolphins stayed around for about 10 to 15 minutes before heading back out to deeper waters.

It’s the second time in as many weeks that locals have been lucky enough to spot the majestic creatures from the shore.

Last week resident and hobbyist aerial photographer Zade Johnstone captured footage of a pod of dolphins just off Bargara.

Six of the mammals were filmed swimming close to the coastline.

Stephen said it was all the more reason to love the Bundaberg Region.

“I love that it has a lot to offer and beautiful scenery,” he said.

Rules for approaching dolphins according to the Department of Environment

There are four types of dolphins are known to inhabit waters in the Bundaberg Region.

These include the Indo-Pacific bottlenose, offshore bottlenose, Australian humpback dolphin and Australian snubfin dolphin.

Swimmers, boaters and kayakers are reminded that there are approach distances in place to reduce the risk of disturbing dolphins and other sea creatures including whales.

They feature caution zones, an area surrounding a whale or dolphin in which boats cannot travel at speeds of more than six knots or speeds that create a wake.

The caution zone extends out to 300 metres from a whale, and 150 metres for a dolphin.

For dolphins, the no approach zone surrounds the animal for 50 metres and extends 150 metres in front of and behind the animal.




  1. long ago at Moore Park, it was not uncommon for dolphins to catch the same wave as you when having an early morning surf. first time i saw a tiny dolphin being held up by one until another appeared and assisted. a once in a life time event.

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