LifestyleDolphins have whale of a time off Bargara

Dolphins have whale of a time off Bargara

dolphins Bargara
Zade Johnstone of ZJ Images captured photos and video of dolphins enjoying Bargara waters last week.

The Bargara coastline has been action-packed during the past few weeks, with whales spotted passing by and dolphins filmed frolicking in shallower waters.

Resident and hobbyist aerial photographer Zade Johnstone said he was out last Saturday when he captured footage of a pod of dolphins.

“I was out and about exploring in the hope to see some whales to photograph for my Facebook page,” he said,

“Just as I pulled up I saw these [dolphins] right at the shore.

“I could see about six.”

According to the Department of Environment and Science, a range of dolphin species regularly inhabit waters off the Bundaberg Region.

These include the Australian snubfin dolphin, Australian humpback dolphin, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin and offshore bottlenose dolphin.

Zade said the sighting was something special.

“I haven't seen this many or this dolphins this close to the shoreline,” he said.

“Our coastline is sensational, overall the Bundaberg Region is a great place to live.”

dolphins Bargara
A still from video taken by Zade Johnstone of ZJ Images.

The dolphin spotting comes as the region's waters experience one of its busiest times of year, with tourists and locals alike heading out to catch a glimpse of whale season in action.

According to the team at Lady Musgrave Experience, the first whale watching tour began on 6 July with a unique humpback calf, mostly white with a grey dorsal fin, spotted by participants.

Whale watching season begins in July to October every year as humpbacks and their calves cruise through the warmer waters of Bundaberg on their way from Antarctica up the southern coastline of Australia.