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History of Winfield School

Winfield school
Winfield School is listed among Bundaberg Regional Council's Local Heritage Places. Photo: contributed.

The current Winfield School building, which is no longer in operation, was first moved to the site in 1926.

Settlement of the Winfield area began in the 1890s when the prominent landowning family of the time, the Skyrings, gave up land to be subdivided for the establishment of a community.

According to Neville Rackemann (Gooburrum 1886-1986, Gooburrum, Gooburrum Shire Council, 1986), a school building was soon erected and then moved to the current Winfield school site on land that was donated by Ernest J Grills, Councillor and Chairman of Gooburrum Shire Council.

In 1922, the original school building was deemed too small, so residents formed a Building Committee to secure a larger structure.

By 1923 the committee had obtained the Baffle Creek School building, a structure that had been built to Queensland Government school standards but was by then closed.

The Baffle Creek School building was moved to the Winfield School site at the residents’ expense and opened for enrolment in 1924.

This building was quickly found also to be too small for the growing Winfield district population, and another larger building was sought, this time from Flinders Shire in Central Queensland.

The Flinders school building replaced the smaller building in 1926.

This historic building is still in existence as part of Winfield School, and is listed among Bundaberg Regional Council's Local Heritage Places.

The school building is a small high-set weatherboard timber structure set on concrete stumps with a timber and corrugated iron window hood over a set of three windows.

Landscaping in the school grounds include a number of large mature mango trees.

The school was closed in 1942 due to low enrolment, reopening in 1948 and continuing to operate until 2017.

Winfield School’s final students attended the school in 2017 before it was mothballed due to lack of enrolment.

Though not officially closed, the school is currently recorded as not in operation.

Winfield school
Winfield State School students, 1937. Photo: Picture Bundaberg, Burnett Shire Council, donor, 1937, BRN 181957.



  1. Winfield school was built on what was Taunton Station which was owned by Richard Robertson from 1861. The boiling down works were built by R Willis in 1866. John and Gavin Steuart arrived in 1866 from a station owned by Arthur and Robert Robertson. The Skyring’s bought the boiling down works in 1881.

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