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Childers students participate in road safety session

Isis High Road Safety Week. students road safety
Senior Constable Sam Nabaa with Isis High students.

Senior Constable Sam Nabaa paid a visit to the year 12 students at Isis District High School as part of Road Safety Week.

The Childers Police Officer spoke about the Wide Bay Burnett road toll, defects, speed limits and offences related to P plate drivers to remind the students of the important of road safety.

Senior Constable Naaba also provided anecdotes of traffic crashes and how they related to the Fatal Five.

Great engagement for students road safety talk

There was great engagement from the students, who were keen to ask many hypothetical questions and broaden their knowledge.

Following the road safety discussion students then left the classroom to participate in a practical tyre changing demonstration along with a discussion on how to spot defective vehicles.

Isis High Road Safety Week
Students participated in a tyre changing demonstration as part of Road Safety Week.



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