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Bundaberg Volleyball serves up new league

Bundaberg Volleyball players.
Bundaberg Volleyball players.

The Bundaberg District Volleyball Association is calling for expressions of interest for those who are interested in hardcourt volleyball as the sport spikes across the region.

This will be the first organised hardcourt volleyball league in Bundaberg and members, new or experienced, over the age of 10 are welcome.

Bundaberg District Volleyball Association president Koby Lister said the club was focused on promoting and developing the sport of volleyball within the Bundaberg Region.

“Our objectives include taking representative teams to volleyball tournaments, nurturing youth talent, volleyball programs and the management for the new Bundaberg Volleyball League,” he said.

“This is a new opportunity for the Bundaberg community to engage in this exciting sport.

“Bundaberg has not had a hardcourt volleyball league in the past, so this is a new platform for talent development, community entertainment and the promotion of volleyball as a popular sport.”

Bundaberg Volleyball players.
Bundaberg Volleyball players.

Koby said there were three divisions available; division three aimed at beginners young and old, division two for intermediate players who have played only a little before, and Koby said division one was targeted at very experienced players.

With volleyball becoming more popular within the region Koby said this new Bundaberg Volleyball League provided a platform for existing players to thrive and new players to kickstart their volleyball journey.

“Unfortunately, Bundaberg has minimal opportunities for the players to develop and participate in this engaging sport,” he said.

“This new league brings community engagement, talent development, Bundaberg representative team opportunities, physical activity, social interaction and a new sport for the Bundaberg Region.”

Bundaberg volleyball league is an eight-week competition which kicks off on Monday 9 October.

Register here or find out more via the Facebook page.

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