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Free calls to Santa from festive phone boxes

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Telstra has opened its Santa hotline, allowing kids in Bundaberg and across the country to call his workshop for free from any payphone.

Local kids can ring in the festive season with free calls to Santa on his workshop hotline until Christmas Eve.

Nearly 2,000 of Telstra's 14,500 payphones have been decorated with Christmas decals, including in Bundaberg, but calls can be made from any Telstra phone box.

From asking about the weather in the North Pole, to what the reindeer like to snack on before their big Christmas Eve adventure, the Santa hotline is more interactive this year, allowing kids young and old to have more engaging conversations with the jolly man in red.

The hotline offers a convenient and cost-free alternative to chat to Santa as well as the chance to teach children about how to use payphones in the case of an emergency.

Over 11,000 calls were made from across the country last year on Christmas Eve alone and so lines have been opened earlier this year with a map available to find your nearest payphone.

Families can simply dial #HO HO HO (#464646) to get through to Santa's workshop and tell him what is at the top of their Christmas wish lists.

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