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New Disaster Coordination Centre to aid response

District Disaster Coordination Centre and Community Resilience Hub
Artist impression of the Local and District Disaster Coordination Centre and Community Resilience Hub.

In a ground-breaking development for disaster response in the region, Bundaberg is set to establish a state-of-the-art Local and District Disaster Coordination Centre and Community Resilience Hub.

Bundaberg Regional Council is in the process of developing a tender for the detailed design and construction of a dedicated Local Disaster Coordination Centre (LDCC) and District Disaster Coordination Centre (DDCC), which will play a vital role in coordinating response and recovery efforts during disasters, both within the local community and across the wider region.

Bundaberg Local Disaster Group Management Chair Mayor Jack Dempsey said the project would enhance the region’s preparedness and response capabilities, ensuring swift and effective action in times of crisis.

“The LDCC and DDCC at full activation will be able to accommodate around 40 Council staff and emergency service personnel, for a minimum of 14 days in an uninterrupted shift system allowing 24/7 operation,” he said.

Mayor Dempsey said it was critical to have a centralised hub to coordinate emergency efforts seamlessly.

“The Disaster Coordination Centre will serve as a nerve centre during emergencies, allowing us to better manage resources, communicate efficiently, and respond swiftly to protect our community,” he said.

“The facility is designed to integrate advanced technologies, including real-time data analytics and communication systems, enabling authorities to make informed decisions promptly.

“The centre will serve as a collaborative space for various agencies, fostering a unified approach to disaster management.”

Mayor Dempsey said in the facility would also be utilised as a permanent Disaster Management Unit office and during non-emergency event times it would be used as a training hub and a community meeting and education space.

The project is also supported by the Australian Government’s Preparing Australia grant from the National Recovery and Resilience Agency.

The centre will be located within the Bundaberg Regional Airport complex, and it is anticipated the tender for construction will be ready for release to the market in early February.

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