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How to: buy an Arts Triple Threat subscription

Arts Triple Threat subscription Arts Triple Threat at the Moncrieff
Queensland Ballet's QB on Tour 2024 is one of the events included in the Arts Triple Threat subscription deal at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre. Photo: Rhapsody in Motion, Laura Tosar and Patricio Reve. Photography by David Kelly.

Did you know the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre is showcasing a world-class triple threat of entertainment in 2024?

Featuring ballet, opera and theatre performances, the 2024 Arts Triple Threat subscription deal delivers a feast of first-class entertainment.

Tickets are $90 for the package and include the Queensland Ballet QB on Tour, The 7 Sopranos operatic performance, and Queensland Theatre’s production of Drizzle Boy.

The Queensland Ballet will be presenting four glittering works from their vault for the QB on Tour 2024 performance.

The 7 Sopranos will take the audience on a musical journey through classic songs and moving operatic melodies.

Drizzle Boy is a wildly audacious and wonderfully affirmative rocket ride of a theatre experience, following the story of an autistic boy navigating a world that wants to change him and a family who doesn’t understand him.

The special subscription deal ends on Friday 8 March 2024 once the first event – QB on Tour 2024 – commences.

Purchase the Arts Triple Threat subscription here.

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