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Scholarship strengthens purpose as social worker

Scholarship strengthens Consuela’s purpose as a social worker to the vulnerable.

Consuela Morrice’s passion for helping vulnerable people in the Wide Bay region has been reinvigorated thanks to CQUniversity’s Social Work training and a CQUniCares BHP Indigenous Scholarship.

The proud Gurang Gurang (Bundaberg) and Yuggera (Ipswich) woman, who graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) last year, said the scholarship was of vital assistance while she was working as acting manager of Indigenous Health Special Services unit for the Wide Bay Health and Hospital Service.

“I decided to study Social Work because I work with vulnerable people, and it is important to understand social determinants and the services available to assist vulnerable populations,” she said.

“Having that understanding is crucial, as is empathy and awareness as they can contribute significantly to creating more effective support systems and services for individuals facing challenges.”

Consuela said the support of her family, colleagues, friends – and the CQUniCares BHP Indigenous Scholarship helped her through the challenge of study and reminded her of her purpose.

“My learning experience has been shaped by various factors in my life, I have had many challenges and often wanted to give up,” she said.

“My perseverance and support from my family have been crucial in overcoming those barriers.

“Even the memories I have created, like taking student notes on the back of envelopes, reflect the determination and resourcefulness that often accompany meaningful educational experience.

“I am very appreciative of the scholarship, which assisted with books, fees and living expenses during my unpaid placement with the Mental Health Service last year.

“The scholarship also gave me the motivation and gratitude to succeed. I am appreciative of the financial assistance and the scholarship experience.”

Social Work training opens opportunities

She said the Social Work course allowed her to see new aspects of her role and the importance of education.

“The training at CQU has provided me with opportunities to explore and enhance further learning. Education has played a crucial part in preparing me for an impactful role in the field of social work,” she said.

“I liked the freedom of the self-paced learning which I could tailor to my own educational level to meet my needs. I had a strong Indigenous support system at CQU, who made my learning experience memorable and often influenced my motivation.

Consuela said she believes she is leaving a positive impact on her children and hopes to inspire them to shape their perspectives in education and personal growth.

“Each step in my educational journey contributes to my personal and professional growth. It’s a significant accomplishment, and I realise I am a role model,” she said.

“Being a social worker is an important role to support individuals and families in promoting well-being, social justice, and empowerment.

“Working in a hospital, I can see the challenges faced by people navigating the health care system.

“Social workers are crucial to help navigate people through this journey and all aspects of their life, while providing advocacy, resources, and emotional support.”

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