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Hope Adventist School celebrates 40 years

Hope Adventist School celebrates 40 years
The Hope Adventist School community celebrated 40 years of education on Friday 8 March. Photo: contributed.

The Hope Adventist School community recently celebrated past students, staff and families who contributed to delivering Adventist education to the region over the last 40 years.

Hope Adventist School Principal Tanya Barbuto said the celebration of 40 years of Adventist Education in Bundaberg was a massive achievement for the school.

We asked the school some questions about the milestone.

What does it mean to Hope Adventist School to celebrate this milestone?

Hope is an amazing school, we are like one big family.  We have beautiful children with thoughtful families and wonderful staff. 

It has always been a school led by God and will always be.

This milestone was a celebration of the past students, staff and families who have worked to bring a wholesome education to families of Bundaberg over the last 40 years. 

We look forward to the next 40 years too!

What special activities took place to mark the school turning 40?

At Hope's 40th birthday, it was a whole day of fun activities. 

We started with a gourmet breakfast for the current families and special guests. 

The next event was a special Chapel service. 

We had previous students and a previous principal as the singers, we had Jean Carter, the National Director from Adventist Schools Australia who shared information about Adventist Education.

After the inspirational Chapel, the student leaders dutifully did tours of the school campus for families and distinguished guests.  

Many past and present students and their families attended an afternoon tea where a 40th birthday cake was cut.

Special guests Mr Tom Smith, local member of parliament, Mr Jack Ryan, Education Director for South Queensland, and current school principal Tanya Barbuto took part in the program.

Past students shared stories and the time capsule was officially opened along with a stepping stone garden which was a gift from the 2021 school leaders.

The whole day was a celebration of community and the love of children as we all continue to work together to raise healthy and active citizens. 

Hope Adventist School celebrates 40 years
The Chapel service was one of the special events to celebrate Hope Adventist School's 40 years. Photo: contributed.

What do you think it is about Hope Adventist School that has stood the test of time?

Hope was once called Bundaberg Adventist School (the first name), then Coral Coast Christian School, and in 2020 it changed to Hope Adventist School.

It hasn't always been an easy journey for our school, we were close to closing at one point. 

We are still here today as we are led by God and we're following the plan He has for our school.

We proudly teach Bible in our school, along with the Australian Curriculum.

After the refurbishment and name change, we changed our approach to learning.

We follow a differentiated curriculum model where each student learns at their own ability.  We easily stream Maths and English. 

Hope’s family friendly, supportive community is what I believe has helped this school stand the test of time.

What are some of the big milestones and fond memories from the school community over the years?

Seeing the school infrastructure expand has been exciting to see.

Firstly with the undercover area, tuckshop and administration office and then later with the extra classrooms, Assembly Hall and library have been major achievements.

What are the plans for the school in the future?

The plans for Hope are to keep growing at a slow and steady pace so we can keep teaching students to be hard-working, creative, happy and God loving. 

We are currently in the process of developing our Master Plan on how to grow the school effectively.

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  1. Congratulations, Hope Adventist School!

    What an incredible achievement to reach 40 years of providing such a nurturing and God-led education in Bundaberg.

    It’s heartening to hear about the special celebrations and the strong sense of community that defines your school. Your dedication to personalized learning and fostering a supportive environment truly sets you apart.

    Here’s to many more years of shaping bright, compassionate, and spiritually grounded individuals.

    Cheers to Hope!

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