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Oakwood State School celebrates 100 years

Students from Oakwood State School gather on the school oval to celebrate its centenary. Photo: Contributed

Oakwood State School is opening up the history books alongside the exercise books this year as it celebrates its centenary.

Having first opened its doors in 1924, the school has a longstanding history of providing quality education to the Bundaberg community with achievements across a range of fields.

Celebrations are planned throughout the year with highlights including a school fete on 8 October after a centenary dinner event on 23 March at Brothers Sports Club.

Oakwood State School Principal Troy Wolski said the centennial milestone served as a testament to the school’s enduring presence within the community.

“It highlights a century-long commitment to education; reflecting the contributions and achievements of generations of students, teachers, staff and community members,” Mr Wolski said.

“Over the many, many years the school has maintained very high standards of teaching and learning, adapting to evolving educational practices while remaining focused on an excellent all-round education.

“The school's longevity may also be attributed to the strong support it receives from the surrounding community.”

Mr Wolksi said the school’s unwavering commitment to being “simply the best” and providing quality education to its students was a likely factor in reaching this milestone.

“While commemorating the past, the centennial also serves as a springboard for envisioning the future of Oakwood State School,” he said. 

“We will continue to inspire the community to continue striving for excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in education, laying the foundation for the next century of success.”

Oakwood is simply the best

Year 6 student Jess said it felt special to go to a school with such a long history.

“It makes us feel somewhat special because you look back at the school 100 years ago when there was only one building in the school and around 25 students and then you see the school now and there are nine classes and over 200 children,” Jess said.

“It really makes you think how much the school has grown in its community and buildings.”

When asked what she thought school would have been like 100 years ago, Jess said she thought it would have probably been a lot harder without technology like air conditioners and computers.

“It would have been nothing like today because they would not have the privileges of computers or the learning resources [and] the school would be a lot smaller than it is now,” she said.

She believes Oakwood State School will continue to grow over the next 100 years.

“In 100 years, I think that there will be so many more classes and a bigger community,” Jess said.

“There will probably be more playgrounds, more eating areas, but there is one thing we know for sure, that we will still be the simply the best school in the Bundaberg Region.”

Oakwood State School Centenary Dinner

When: 23 March, 6 to 10.30 pm

Where:  Brothers Sports Club

Cost: $65 per person which includes a three-course dinner and an exclusive piece of memorabilia

Tickets are available to book here until 8 March.

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