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Bundaberg to host National Radio Convention

Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club.
Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club.

The Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club will soon welcome the 2024 National Amateur Radio WIA Convention to Bundaberg for the first time.

The event will be held in Bundaberg on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May at the Multiplex Convention Centre.

The club said this amazing event weekend will bring together amateur radio enthusiasts from all corners of Australia and New Zealand for a weekend of interesting events and activities.

Attendees can expect to see the latest amateur radio technology over the two-day event.

From cutting-edge displays, historic radio equipment, to show and tell interactive demonstrations.

The convention promises to offer something for enthusiasts at all skill levels and interests.

Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club Secretary David Nebe (VK4DN) said they were excited to host the National WIA Convention in Bundaberg for the first time.

“This event is a testament to the passion and dedication of amateur radio operators across our region and a huge win for our club to host the event this year in Bundaberg,” he said.

In addition to a market area with new and used radio and electronics gear for sale, the event will feature free soldering workshops for the kids, where they can solder together an electronics kit to take home.

A Live Contact with the International Space Station has also been scheduled on the Saturday evening where students from Bundaberg State High School will get the chance to talk with an astronaut on the ISS.

The club hopes local mums, dads and kids will come along to explore what is possible in electronics and radio technology at the event.

About Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is the peak body representing Amateur Radio in Australia.

The WIA was originally established in 1910 and is recognised by the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), an international confederation of national amateur radio organisations, as the sole Australian Amateur Radio peak body.

The IARU is recognised by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the representative of the interests of its member societies and radio amateurs throughout the world.

The ITU is a specialist agency of the United Nations (UN).

About The Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club

The Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club has a long history of involvement in the local community including operating a Short Wave radio station with the local scout groups running the annual international JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) weekend every year in October since 1966.

Our club was originally formed in 1961.

The following years were full of exciting new technologies such as the invention of the transistor radio and the launch of Apollo 11 to the Moon.

In the next few years satellites were starting to be put into orbit around Earth and amateur radio enthusiasts here in  Bundaberg, participated in what was cutting edge of technology at the time.

Our club strives to be welcoming and inclusive of people in our community from all backgrounds, gender, age or disabilities. 

There is something for everyone in Amateur Radio and we encourage people to explore what is possible with the hobby. 

To find out more, come along to the event weekend on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May at the Bundaberg Multiplex.



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