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Bird life a focus of Bimblebox exhibition

Bimblebox 153 birds
Bimblebox 153 Birds is coming to Hinkler Hall of Aviation this May. Heather Kepski, Brolgas, 2014, Hand-painted woodcut.

Observing the humble ibis was the inspiration behind Bert Hinkler’s early inventions and now, visitors to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation can be immersed in other works inspired by more than 150 bird species.

The unique, collaborative exhibition showcases more than 153 bird species through prints, poetry, prose, spoken word and music.

Bimblebox 153 Birds will be held at the Lex Rowland Gallery in Hinkler Hall of Aviation from 10 May to 27 July 2024.

More than 450 artists, writers and musicians from around Australia and overseas have contributed works that describe the attributes and calls of each recorded bird species found on Bimblebox, an ecologically valuable nature refuge that has fought for its survival against coal mining interests.

Curator Jill Sampson said she wanted to use art to create a dialogue about the value and loss of Australia's natural environment. 

“I wanted to let people know what is happening in rural Australia and why people care enough to spend their lives trying to protect their land and their livelihood from mining,” Ms Sampson said.

Bimblebox is an 8000 hectare nature refuge and cattle property located 50 km north-west of Alpha in central Queensland that has made a concerted effort to fend off coal mining since 2007.

In an Australian first, Bimblebox Nature Refuge secured a historic legal victory in 2022 by getting its mining ‘death sentence’ overturned in the Land Court of Queensland.

As a lay witness, Ms Sampson took the Bimblebox Art Project into the 2022 Land Court of Queensland hearing.

“I was incredibly proud that my art project, that Bimblebox 153 Birds is a part of, was able to demonstrate long-term, high value community interaction with the nature refuge—resulting in dynamic artistic outcomes,” she said.

“The creative output from the Bimblebox Art Project has created a cultural artistic legacy that connects people around Australia and internationally to the Bimblebox Nature refuge.”

Ms Sampson said the Bimblebox 153 Birds exhibition offered audiences a uniquely immersive multimedia experience.

“Each species is represented in artworks across the walls, forming a flock of Bimblebox birds.

“Writers have written about each bird and recorded themselves reading their piece, while musicians have each interpreted a different bird call via their instrument of choice,” she said.

Set to be on display locally at Hinkler Hall of Aviation this exhibition features the ibis which inspired Bert Hinkler's early flight inventions.

Fascinated by the ibises living around the lagoons near his school, Bert would spend hours watching them.

Awkward creatures on the ground, they were effortlessly graceful in the air.

He carefully observed their manoeuvrers, taking off, banking, gliding, making long sweeping landings.

Bimblebox 153 Birds Exhibition details

Exhibition details:

Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Lex Rowland Gallery

10 May to 27 July 2024

Entry into the exhibition is free.

Standard entry fees apply to Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

Learn more.

Bimblebox 153 Birds is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund. This Project is also supported by The Bimblebox Alliance, Museums and Galleries Queensland and proudly sponsored by Seedhead Holistic Graphic Design and Quill Studios.

Find out more about Bimblebox 153 Birds and contributing artists here.


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