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Reconciliation Week: Now More Than Ever event

IWC Reconciliation Week
The IWC will be hosting a series of free community activities for Reconciliation Week including their “Now More Than Ever” event. Photo: Hannah Roth Photography

In honour of Reconciliation Week, Bundaberg’s Indigenous Wellbeing Centre (IWC) will share its ‘Now More Than Ever' event, dedicated to highlighting the ongoing journey of reconciliation and fostering meaningful conversations within our communities.

Scheduled to take place on 27 May at IWC, this event aims to shed light on healing and unity.

Reconciliation Week serves as an important reminder that reconciliation is not merely a moment in time but an ongoing commitment to dialogue, understanding and action.

‘Now, More Than Ever' will provide a platform for discussions on the significance of reconciliation in action and offer insights on how individuals and communities from all backgrounds can actively engage together for the greater good.

IWC CEO Wayne Mulvaney said they were proud to host the event as part of Reconciliation Week.

“We are proud to host ‘Now, More Than Ever,' as part of our ongoing commitment to reconciliation and community engagement,” said Wayne.

“This week serves as a reminder to everyone to make meaningful conversations happen and make a collective action towards a more inclusive and equitable future for our region.”

IWC Reconciliation Week activities are free and everyone is welcome to join in.

IWC Reconciliation Week events

  • Now More Than Ever Event – 27 May at 9.15 am to 11.15 am at IWC.
  • Cultural Knowledge Yarn – 29 May 9.30 am to 10.30 am at IWC
  • Bespoke IWC Indigenous Culture Tours – 29 and 31 May 11 am to 12.15 pm at IWC.
  • IWC Reconciliation screening – 28 and 30 May running all day at IWC.

For more information about all free events, visit the IWC Facebook page.

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