Podcast: Cemeteries a window to the past

As a member of Friends of South Isis Cemetery Doreen Cole dedicates her time to ensuring the stories of this historic cemetery are not forgotten

Anzac Day a time of reflection for Ula

Local World War II veteran Ula Agnew has shared photos and memories of her time in the Australian Women’s Army Service

Lots on offer at Childers Heritage Weekend

Glimpse inside some rarely seen buildings, take a stroll with cultural and historic walks and enjoy family fun at the Childers Heritage Weekend.

Explore Boolboonda Tunnel history for Heritage Festival

Featuring 192 metres of rock and a large colony of bent wing bats, the heritage-listed Boolboonda Tunnel remains just as unique today as it was when it was built in the early 1800s.

Construction work peels back Wintergarden history

Construction at the former Wintergarden Theatre in the CBD has revealed some interesting local history about the iconic structure as it begins its transformation into a community hub.

Hinkler House started with a dream

The story of Hinkler House, and how it travelled to Bundaberg brick-by-brick from England, is almost as incredible as the story of its pioneering aviator namesake. In celebration of the Australian Heritage Festival, Lex Rowland shares his memories with us.

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