History: how coastal areas got current names

The Bundaberg Region is well-known for its beautiful beaches and oceanside suburbs, but do you know the history behind their names?

Multiple Birth Awareness Week: Lucke quads celebrated

To celebrate Multiple Birth Week, we turn back the clock to 1955 when the Lucke quads were born in Bundaberg, captivating the world with their story.

Great Fire of Childers remembered 120 years on

Historic photos reveal the devastation caused by the “Great Fire of Childers" which impacted more than 20 businesses in the main street 120 years ago this week.

Step back in time at Yesteryear Machinery Rally

The community will have a chance to step back in time and take in the workings of historic equipment at the Yesteryear Machinery Rally 2022.

Merissa’s Paragon memories keep passion strong

The iconic Paragon Theatre now has a sole owner for the first time in the building's 114-year-history

History: Lake Ellen a community-driven project

Lake Ellen was officially opened in the early '80s and, as a survey focussed on its future is launched, we take a look back it its history as a community-driven project.

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