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Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Topic: Mon Repos

Merlie the loggerhead turtle’s record journey home

Merlie the loggerhead turtle enjoys a well-deserved rest on World Turtle Day after completing her journey home from Mon Repos in Bundaberg.

Mon Repos volunteers key in turtle conservation

The work and dedication by those involved at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre has been highlighted in a special video for Volunteers Week.

Help dob in a fox to save the region's turtles

A local fox den detection program has started up in the Bundaberg Region to help increase turtle survival rates in the area.

Spotted eagle rays frolic at Mon Repos

A school of spotted eagle rays was observed frolicking close to shore at Mon Repos Beach on Sunday and captured on camera.

Council planning scheme amended

An amendment to Bundaberg Regional Council's Planning Scheme seeks to protect sea turtles and the Mon Repos Conservation Park.

Loggerhead turtle lays eggs at Woodgate Beach

Holiday makers at Woodgate Beach were treated to a pre-Christmas treat when a loggerhead turtle laid her eggs near the Woodgate General Store.

Feel Good Family falls in love with Bundaberg Region

‘The Feel Good Family’ is preparing to leave Bundaberg after filming episode 12 of their Family Travel Australia series in the region staying twice as long as any other location yet.

Merlie the turtle tagged for science

Merlie the loggerhead turtle has been fitted with a GPS satellite tag for scientists to monitor its location as it travels the world.

New Mon Repos Turtle Centre officially opened

Building the new Mon Repos Turtle Centre boosted the local economy, according to Bundaberg builder Murchie Constructions.

Mon Repos Community Day tickets now available

A limited number of free tickets to the fun-filled Mon Repos Turtle Centre community days to celebrate its redevelopment are now available.

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