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Topic: tech talk

Best smart phones on a budget

Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers in Bundaberg writes about the latest smart phones and what's the best value for money and quality.

Arm yourself with knowledge before shopping on Wish

Tech Talk columnist Geoff Augutis discusses the Wish online shopping craze and how dodging the bad deals will get you the most bang for your buck.

Coronavirus halts tech shipments

Australia relies heavily on Chinese imports for technology and Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers in Bundaberg warns there may be delays.

Emerging tech highlighted at CES 2020

The Consumer Technology Association event is known for its innovation and where brands go to showcase their tech for the year/s to come.

Take a break from work tech in the holidays

Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers recommends switching off from work technology during the festive season.

Dropbox scam targets Bundaberg businesses

Tech guru Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers explains Dropbox scams, how to avoid them and what steps to take if you have been targeted.

Red-hot tech gifts for Christmas

Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers suggests red-hot technology Christmas gifts will include drones, tablets, AirPods and accessories.

Fintech connecting people to their money

Millennials don’t think twice before sending their friend that $5 they owe them via Paypal or one of the myriads of digital payment methods.

Uber approaches Bundaberg milestone

December marks the first anniversary of Uber’s expansion in Bundaberg with 2019 being another growth year for the company. Tech guru Geoff Augutis takes a look.

Wireless earbuds sound ideal audio tech

Headphones and earphones have been around for decades and one of the only big breakthroughs in this space has been the introduction of wireless technology.

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