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Bundaberg farmers help develop high-tech harvester

Canetec’s Bundaberg designed and manufactured cane harvesters are well known internationally but the company has recently made its most significant local sale after years of consultation with local farmers.

FibreCo trial puts Bundaberg closer to fast internet

Participation in the FibreCo Queensland trial could help the Bundaberg Region establish faster, more reliable and more affordable internet connectivity through a 10 gigabit network.

Credit card fraud risk for online retailers

Queensland Computers in Bundaberg say nearly 10 per cent of online orders are fraudulent, involving the use of stolen credit cards.

Bitcoin in Bundaberg explained

Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers and local businesses talk about Bitcoin in Bundaberg, what it is, how it works and how it's used.

Bundaberg leads state with digital champions

Bundaberg leads the state in technological innovation, with three of Queensland's new community digital champions from the region.

Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards showcase bright ideas

The Bundaberg Region's inaugural Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards had students’ thinking outside the box; showcasing their new and creative ideas to a panel of three judges.

Pick the top Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards idea

During the month of May the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite finalist team's innovative idea as part of the Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards.

Smart water meters save dollars and water

Smart water meters are still being installed throughout the region but the trial is already saving dollars and thousands of litres of water.

Tech Talk: Apple Show Time event highlights streaming service

Over the last week we have seen releases from Apple in terms of updated hardware in their product line up.

Listen up! Podcast training available at library

If you want to find out more about podcasts or dabble in creating your own, Bundaberg Regional Libraries will provide training.

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