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How big is too big for a television?

Geoff Augustus talks all things television tech.
Geoff Augustus talks all things television tech.

How big is too big for a television? Tech guru Geoff Augutis from Queensland Computers in Bundaberg looks at the next big things in home entertainment.

Over the past decade the humble television has remained a staple entertainment device for most households.

They are larger, thinner and higher resolution.

So what does 2020 hold for the average person in the market for a television?

Big is cheaper: The old big is the new standard. 65” is now a pretty average sight on the market and you can expect to pay $500-1000 for most of these.

Big got bigger: It seems like no matter how big we go, we always want bigger.

The new “bigger” these days is now the 98”.

Don’t be fooled by the diagonal measurement, these screens are more than double the viewing area of the 65”.

For one of these from a mainstream brand like Samsung you can expect to pay around the $100,000 mark.

4K and 8K: Don’t let the fancy language confuse you. The higher the “K”, the more pixels, the better the quality.

4K was once the flagship, these days it tends to be standard.

8K is now the optional upgrade and you guessed it, it’s twice the pixels of 4K.

Smarter: with the boom in streaming services, many TVs now come standard with all of the smarts required, no add-ons needed.

The ability to stream Netflix and the like, browse the net or wireless pair your phone are on more models than ever.

It comes at a price but the gap is getting smaller all the time.

Bells and whistles: There are now a whole swag of additional things to spend your money on when buying a TV.

They are thinner and lighter and many premium series flaunt this, but you can also get curved and transparent.

All things to help you justify the premium purchase.

At this stage it’s unlikely the TV craze is going away. This year's premium features tend to be next years standard.

When they tend to keep getting bigger and bigger, is it time to ask ourselves how big is too big?



  1. 65” is a good size, however if you have the room and the extra money then get a 75”. The cheapest tvs are fantastic value for money, you don’t need to spend big. Also a 65” can look bigger if it’s mounted on the wall and if it has a small bezel. The best tv you should be watching are shows that grow your mind. Don’t fall into the trap of watching mindless reality tv.

  2. Hi,
    I just want to say that 8K isn’t double 4K!
    Instead 8K indicates the width but the height is doubled too! So there is actually 4X as many pixels on a 8K screen.

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