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Merlie the loggerhead turtle’s record journey home

Merlie the loggerhead turtle enjoys a well-deserved rest on World Turtle Day after completing her journey home from Mon Repos in Bundaberg.

Shellabrate World Turtle Day this Saturday

Get in the know about turtles which inhabit the Bundaberg Region when World Turtle Day is shellabrated this Saturday.

Mon Repos volunteers key in turtle conservation

The work and dedication by those involved at the Mon Repos Turtle Centre has been highlighted in a special video for Volunteers Week.

Help dob in a fox to save the region's turtles

A local fox den detection program has started up in the Bundaberg Region to help increase turtle survival rates in the area.

Illegally kept turtles given new homes

Alexandra Park Zoo is set to become home to a Krefft's river turtle after it was rescued by DES officers.

Tom and Rocky sniff out fox predation at turtle locations

Rocky the English springer spaniel and his handler Tom Garrett are a dynamic duo, working together to combat fox predation to the region's turtle population.

Bargara turtle-friendly lighting project begins

Work will get underway next week on new “turtle friendly” lighting for the pedestrian pathway along the Bargara foreshore.

Oaks Beach family reduces the glow

The Mitchell-Greville family at Oaks Beach are leading the way in reducing the glow from their beachfront home to protect turtles.

Turtle trials help researchers understand glow impact

Up to 30 turtle hatchlings were released on different beaches as part of a light trial for Reducing Urban Glow in the Bundaberg Region.

Moore Park Beach turtle numbers up

Turtle numbers at Moore Park Beach are up 20 per cent this season with 97 nests recorded and 33 nests hatched up to Australia Day.

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