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Lights out tonight for Turtle Hour

Don't forget it's lights out for 60 minutes at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 12 November for the world-first Turtle Hour.

Dark Sky Alliance endorses Turtle Hour

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance has endorsed the Bundaberg Region's world-first Turtle Hour on Tuesday, 12 November.

Switch off lights for Turtle Hour, 12 November

In a world first, residents are being asked to switch off their lights for 60 minutes at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 12 November for Turtle Hour.

New Mon Repos Turtle Centre completed

Community open days will be held at the new Mon Repos Turtle Centre on 24 November and 8 December to thank Bundaberg Region people for their turtle conservation efforts.

Mon Repos Turtle Trail closure extended

The current closure of the Turtle Trail in Mon Repos Conservation Park will be extended up to Friday, 13 December 2019.

Bells ring to celebrate turtle season

The bells at Christ Church in Bundaberg rang today to mark the start of turtle season after the first turtle arrived this week at Mon Repos Beach.

Turtle season begins at Mon Repos

Turtle season has officially begun after a flatback turtle came ashore on Wednesday at Mon Repos Beach near Bundaberg.

New Mon Repos turtle centre nears completion

Construction is nearly finished on the new multi-million dollar interpretive turtle centre at Mon Repos, which is due to open in time for nesting season this November.

Mon Repos Turtle Centre parking concerns

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey says he’s concerned the new Turtle Centre at Mon Repos won’t have enough parking for the expected influx of visitors later this year.

Alby the bum breather welcomed to zoo

Sporting a snazzy hairdo with the ability to breathe through his bum, Alby the white-throated snapping turtle is the newest addition to Alexandra Park Zoo.

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