Joint US-Australia military exercise coming to Bundaberg


The Bundaberg Region will this year host military operations as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said he welcomed the Defence Department's decision to select the Bundaberg Region.

“It shows our strategic significance and capability to host military operations,” he said.

“Council has been working for the past couple of years to attract a greater defence presence in the Bundaberg Region.

“The success of this exercise will open the door for future possibilities.”

The Talisman Sabre series is the principle Australian and US military bilateral training exercise focused on the planning and conduct of mid-intensity “high-end” warfighting.

Historically Talisman Sabre exercises have been conducted across northern and eastern Australia, and within Australia's Exclusive Economic Zone. Additional participants from other nations may participate or observe the exercise if invited.

This year's activities will run from 11-24 July 2019, occurring on the existing ADF Shoalwater Bay training area near Rockhampton, with other events around the Whitsunday Region and Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Airport will be one of the sites. Defence says there will be no impact on airport operations, the environment or business activity.

It's likely that C-130 Hercules aircraft will be landing at Bundaberg Airport during the exercise, and military vehicles and personnel will be visible around the airport and on local roads in the region.

Defence will advise further details closer to the event.

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C-130 Hercules will be in Bundaberg as part of a military exercise.
It’s likely that C-130 Hercules aircraft will be landing at Bundaberg Airport during July as part of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019. Source: RAAF