Bundaberg kitten adoption day on 9 March

Kittens are available for adoption at Cat Connections HQ. Picture: Ros English

Looking for a furry friend to join the family?

Up to 30 kittens will be for sale when local organisation Cat Connections HQ holds its Kitten Adoption Day next week.

Owner Ros English said the kittens all arrived at the adoption centre as strays and were now ready to be re-homed.

“Most of these kittens have come to us either alone or with their mothers,” she said.

“They range in colours and ages from eight weeks old to six months.”

The not-for-profit charity has been operating in Bundaberg since 2014 and successfully re-homes up to 200 felines every year.

“We do a lot of work with the pound as well as other animal rescue organisations,” Ms English said.

Hard to find homes for adult cats

“At the moment, we have plenty of kittens but we also get lots of adult cats who are the hardest to find new homes for.”

Ms English, who previously worked for the RSPCA and has a passion for animals, said cats made great pets for those willing to properly look after them.

“I love their sassy and independent nature,” she said.

And while Ms English said cats generally had a “don't care” attitude, people still needed to exercise responsible pet ownership to prevent the number of strays in the region.

“What we find is 99 per cent of cats that come through our doors are not desexed,” she said.

“That means they are out there contributing to the escalating stray cat population by falling pregnant, having large litters, etc.”

“Cat owners need to take on the responsibility of desexing their cats and keep them inside or in an enclosure.”

Ms English said Cat Connections HQ was a charity organisation that's always thankful for extra help and donations.

“We welcome donations of tin food, dry food, cat milk, towels, food bowls, cat litter and trays etc to help continue look after our many felines in care,” she said.

Looking for a pet? This kitty needs a new home! Picture: Ros English

Adopt a pet

The Kitten Adoption Day has will be held on Saturday, 9 March 2019 from 9.30am to 1.30pm at 60 Glenview Crescent, Avoca.

The adoption price for a kitten is $180 which includes desexing, microchipping and first vaccination.

Adult cats are also available for adoption at $50, which includes desexing,microchipping and vaccinations.

Cat Connections will also be part of Bundaberg Now's weekly pet adoption page.

Make sure you check in every Friday to see what dogs and cats are available for adoption.

Visit Cat Connections HQ at their adoption day next weekend. Picture: Ros English

Know the rules before becoming a cat owner

Bundaberg Regional Council's animal control spokesperson Cr Scott Rowleson said while adopting a cat was an exciting time for families, special care was needed.

“Cats make wonderful, loving pets but many cat owners might not be aware of the rules surrounding ownership,” Cr Rowleson said.

“For example, cat owners are only allowed to keep two felines on a property unless they have requested permission for a third, which is subject to conditions.”

Cr Rowleson said it was also important for pet owners to keep track of their cat's whereabouts to ensure they don't become part of the ever-growing number of strays.

“Under local law, the keeper of a cat is required to maintain a proper enclosure to prevent the animal from wandering from the person’s land,” he said.

“This helps to prevent the ever-increasing numbers of cats being impounded, which reached the 700 mark last year.

“Microchipping your pets is also essential. It's the simplest and most effective way to ensure your furry friend finds its way home.”

For more information, visit the Council website.